• Understand virtual machines and install Kali Linux.
  • Test your website’s vulnerabilities by utilizing tools such as WPScan, Burp Suite, and XSSER!
  • Perform outstanding server testing and exploitations with SQLMap, JBoss-AutoPWN, and PunkSPIDER!
  • Immerse yourself in the world of active hackers by learning how to perform perfect Social Engineering attacks through techniques such as SET, Physical Location, and even Email Campaigns.
  • Crack Wireless network access points in the area using services such as ArioDump, John the Ripper, and even Cain & Abel!
  • Perform a flawless reconnaissance with methods that include NSLookup, WhoIS, NetCraft, theHarvester, and more!
  • Learn what it takes to create your own password dictionaries
About Kali Linux is rated as the #1 security operating system for hackers. With the Linux operating system and its core structure based on Debian, it comes jam-packed with all the tools you need to penetration-test your websites. Kali Linux has gained popularity over the last few years with the rise of hacker groups (Anonymous, Lizard Squad, Ghost Squad Hackers, and others).

In view of all this, companies are hiring hackers just like you to perform network and website vulnerability testing to help prevent hackers from getting in. However, if you think this job is done after you hand in your report, you’re wrong. After you hand in your report on the security issues, the company will generally ask you to either work with its IT department to fix the corrections or hire you again to fix the issues yourself.

This course covers several great resources within Kali Linux and you’ll use them to perform a full website and server vulnerability test, brute-force your way past passwords, search for back-doors, and other tasks. Finally, you’ll create a professional report and hand it to your client.

Style and ApproachThe purpose of this course is to help explain the different tools and techniques that are often utilized by hackers everywhere. Knowing what tools they use, and how they use them, can help you become an ethical hacker yourself or just learn how to increase your website and server security.

  • Practical recipes to conduct effective penetration testing using the powerful Kali Linux
  • Leverage tools such as Metasploit, Wireshark, Nmap, and much more to detect vulnerabilities with ease
  • Confidently perform networking and application attacks using task-oriented recipes
Course Length 4 hours 17 minutes
ISBN 9781788626583
Date Of Publication 30 Jan 2018



01 The Course Overview.mp4
02 Installing VirtualBox.mp4
03 Installing Kali Linux.mp4
04 Getting Used to Kali.mp4
05 Password Dictionaries.mp4
06 WordPress Vulnerability Testing.mp4
07 Burp Suite – Web Application Security Testing.mp4
08 Web Application Penetration Testing.mp4
09 Analysing the Source Code.mp4
10 Wireshark – Port Scanning.mp4
11 Domain Name Information and More.mp4
12 Testing SQL Injections.mp4
13 Deploying JSP Shell Attacks.mp4
14 Password Testing.mp4
15 Security Scanning.mp4
16 Searching for Outdated Software.mp4
17 DNS Spoofing.mp4
18 Reconnaissance.mp4
19 False Logins.mp4
20 Physical Location.mp4
21 Calling.mp4
22 Emailing.mp4
23 Social Gathering.mp4
24 Viewing Hidden SSID’s.mp4
25 Wireless Password Cracking- Part One.mp4
26 Wireless Password Cracking- Part Two.mp4
27 Intercepting Connections.mp4
28 IP Address Search.mp4
29 WhoIS and Domain Name WhoIS.mp4
30 Site Background.mp4
31 Finding Emails and Social Media Accounts.mp4
32 Stealth Reconnaissance on Protected Network.mp4
33 Intercepting Connections.mp4
34 Building Our Report.mp4


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