Introduction to jQuery for Designers


In this jQuery tutorial, we’ll learn about one of the most popular JavaScript libraries for the web. This course will cover presentational uses of jQuery such as selecting elements, manipulating and traversing the DOM, basic and custom jQuery animation, and event handling. We’ll also learn some important concepts like understanding what the Document Object Model is and how to use it to understand document structure and native browser objects. We’ll finish up this jQuery training by applying jQuery to a project to improve the user experience of a form with client-side validation. This course assumes a familiarity with JavaScript and a basic knowledge of object-oriented concepts. Software required: Brackets Text Editor, Google Chrome.


1. Introduction.mp4
2. What is jQuery.mp4
3. Setting up our project.mp4
4. Selecting elements.mp4
5. The DOM.mp4
6. Understanding the DOM.mp4
7. Manipulating the DOM.mp4
8. Understanding DOM Manipulation.mp4
9. Traversing the DOM.mp4
10. Basic effects.mp4
11. Custom effects.mp4
12. Client-side Form Validation.mp4
13. Client-side Form Validation continued.mp4


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